Sunday, January 27, 2008


It's been a week of ups and downs with the weight-cutting, but I think I've pretty much got the hang of it now.

Wednesday, I cycled to and from work, but the cycle home was a complete nightmare: heavy head wind, driving rain. I was soaked and miserable by the time I got home, following a ride that was nearly twice as long as it would normally be. After that, I was sorely lacking in energy, and for the first time since Saturday, my body noticed what I'd been up to and started shouting "OOOOOOOOW! ME HUNGRY! ME SORE! ME WEAK!!!!". I can honestly say I've never felt hunger like it - really deep and serious hunger. So, I cracked and went about 600 calories over for the day, but didn't feel I'd had much choice.

Thursday is a rest day anyway, and not having anything to do in the evening is always a killer if you're dieting, so again, 400 calories over.

Friday, back on the wagon, didn't cycle to work, and cycled rather than ran to training to ease myself back in, but trained in a sweat-suit, and kept to calories.

Saturday and Sunday, more of the same. Lots of cycling, swimming, running, training, drowning myself and by-standers in sweat (pleasant for all), and when I weighed myself this evening after training I was 10 stone 5. Tomorrow I'd expect to be much the same as although I'm carrying food in my body at the moment, I'm also wildly de-hydrated, so that'll balance out over the night.

Official weighing and measuring day is tomorrow, so we'll see what the official loss of pounds and inches is this week, and hopefully I'll beat it this week coming.

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