Sunday, January 06, 2008

2nd Time Lucky...

As you might recall, last year I was supposed to have my first fight on the Ladykillers show in May along with 2 or 3 other girls from the gym, but pull-outs are common and my opponent pulled out at the last minute, leaving me both in the lurch and in a very, very bad mood.

Well, several of us SMTC girls are matched again this year on the Ladykillers II, and here's hoping that we're all still matched when the day comes, because I know we're all keen to go down and fight with some different gyms, on what is a very unusual show, given that it features an entirely female line-up.

Women are obviously less common in this sport/martial art (that's a debate for another time!) than men, and our fights tend to be fewer, further between and subject to greater change. Because there are fewer opponents, therefore there are fewer options when your match falls apart, and many many women miss out regularly on fights because their opponent pulls out and nobody can be found to take their place in time. So, 6, 8, 12 weeks of training are not put to immediate use, a match is made for a show in another couple of months time, and you carry on training.

It's something you're supposed to get used to: every fighter will experience it many times, and at the last show I basically acted like a twat because I was disappointed. So, whatever happens this year, I promise not to act like a twat. I think that definitely needs to be one of my New Years resolutions: not to be a twat.

But between now and then, alongside my ongoing war with twattery, I mostly intend to train my ass off (metaphorically and literally, because it's currently HUGE), and do the best fight I can on the 16th.

Cue Rocky music...

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