Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Good start

3 days in and the diet is going well. So far I haven't gone above 1200 calories per day regardless of exercise and I'm starting to see some results on the scales already.

Monday am - 10 stone 8.6
Ran for 50 minutes in a sweat-suit, trained 5 x 3 on the double pads

Tuesday am - 10 stone 7.4
Cycled home from work, 30 minutes (not *to* work because I'd left my bike there a few days ago), Cycled to and from training, 35 minutes
2 hours training in sweat suit (double pads, skipping etc)

I feel..... pleased that I'm showing so much self-control, but bloody tired. But I'm always tired, so I can't blame that definitively on the new routine.

Let's see how another night of training affects the weight and the tiredness. Looking forward to Thursday as it's my night off from training - hurrah!

A x

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