Sunday, January 20, 2008

Christmas Karma

Newton's 3rd Law of Motion suggests: Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

Newton was a clever chappie, we know this because he discovered gravity and made up a fantastic game about apples, so we can trust him on this one. Now, because I too am a clever chappie I've made own Law, based on Newton's work:

If you eat like a numpty for a month and do no exercise, you will have to suffer in equal quantities to the amount of enjoyment you had whilst slobbing out.

I had *alot* of fun slobbing out. I ate chips, ice cream (many flavours), Thai, Indian, burgers, toast, full-fat cheese, chocolate, crisps... pretty much whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted it. Admittedly it wasn't all fun - I was aware of the changes to my body and I really, really wasn't keen, but I needed to get it out of my system after a full year of non-stop dieting and fight training.

Now, to make weight for this fight, I am going to have to really, really suffer.

This week I'll be conducting my very own weight-loss experiment. The kind that I would never recommend, because it's daft, but at least I know this, and Paul is warned and I'm well-prepared.

For one week, I'm going to be eating the calorific equivalent of Fuck-All, and exercising a Shit Load, and we'll see where we are this time next week. I'll be eating 1,200 calories per day, which is my normal amount, but I usually add on my exercise calories and eat those too (as is only right and proper). This week I wont be taking exercise into account. I'm going to eat 1,200 calories and be burning off about 1,000 through exercise. This is very silly, however, those 1,200 calories will at least be very high protein, low fat and heavy on the fruit, veg and lean meat, so it will be at least healthy.

I've actually already started, today, and I think I can handle it, but I'm going to be grumpy, tired, depressed - this I know. But, to be fair, what's new in that?! I'm always grumpy, tired and depressed, so maybe I'll at least be skinny as well.

My plan is to document my progress this week, share my exercise and my diet for one week and how it affects my mood and energy. It's been done before, sure, but not by me.

So - Sunday 20th January - 10 stone 9.4 - 1,200 calories in, 40 minutes cycling, 40 minutes running, 60 minutes training in a sweat suit. Tired, but not starving.

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