Thursday, February 07, 2008

It's all going a bit new-agey....

Something I've heard from aspirational types, (you know; life-coaches, people who used crystals for "healing" purposes, women with purple, tie-dyed t-shirts with pictures of dolphins on them) is that if you write down your goals you're more likely achieve them, because you're admitting them properly to yourself and making them more official in some way.


I have some goals for this year which I thought I'd share, and I know the old saying "I want doesn't get", but I don't care - this is what I want!:


I want to apply only for jobs I really want.
I want to be offered an interview for every job I apply to.
I want to have a full-time, permanent post which I'm really happy about secured for August.
I want to be able to sleep on a Sunday night.


I want to have at least 7 fights this year.
I want to win as many as possible convincingly and stylishly.
I want to win at least 1 of them by KO
I want a title. I know it's not likely, and certainly not this year, but I don't care, I want one.


I want to spend 3 weeks training in Thailand and then fight there (and win)
I want to spend 2 weeks having a holiday in Thailand with Paul and not put loads of weight on
I want to go to New York with Paul for Christmas 2008
I want to spend more time with Paul and visiting my parents
I want to visit a spa.


I want to be earning £25,000 or more.
I want to have a smaller mortgage
I want to have more disposable income
I want to sell the flat at Easter for at least £225,000
I want to find a nice, but not too expensive rental property which accepts pets to live in until we manage the next one...
I want to find and buy a little house with a garden and a garage to renovate and love and make a mint on


I want to have a haircut and colour every 2 months
I want to have a wardrobe of clothes I like which fit
I want to start wearing makeup occasionally
I want to maintain a walking-around weight of 63kg all the time

Other Stuff

I want a kick bag to hang in my new garage (which I'm going to have)
I want to learn to drive

And I think that's about it.

Not asking for that much, am I?


Paul said...

I suppose I'd best do the same then. Let's see...

I want a chocolate bar from Pret

Cool, I've got one! Mission accomplished, I can relax for the rest of the year :-)

See, the man who aims at nothing seldom misses his target...

Aarayan said...

You are not helpful, you know that?