Thursday, February 07, 2008

Dentistry Disaster

Dentist: So, Aarayan... can you think of any trauma the tooth might have suffered? Hitting off a bottle? Suffering a blow to the jaw....?

Aarayan: A blow to the jaw... Well, I do get punched quite alot in the face.

Dentist: Can you think of any particular incident?

Aarayan: It's probably faster to think of the days I *don't* get punched in the face.

Dentist: Ah.

So. I've lost a filling from the side of my back molar at some point over the past couple of months and gradually, like a thief in the night, or a Rolls Royce driver in Sighthill, decay has snuck into the tooth and right the way down, down, down almost to my nerve.

On Monday my gum was a bit sore, on Tuesday by gum felt a bit sorer, by Wednesday 7 am my tooth was starting to ache and had turned grey. By 11 am I'd taken all the painkillers I could take without become the first accidental suicide victim in a Scottish school and had to admit defeat and go home until the dentist could see my at 4.30.

The journey home was a nightmare. Because the tooth in question is my back bottom molar, it's all too close to my glands and I very rapidly started to feel dizzy, sick and headachey but *just* made it home without vomiting all over a Lothian Bus. The punishment the driver would have inflected on me would have been epic. I got home and promptly fell asleep (after ringing Kal and saying "Am I dying? You're a more reliable opinion than NHS24!"

After taxi-ing it to the dentist 3 hours later I was numbed up, cleaned out and re-filled and told to come back on Friday to see if she'd got the decay in time. Because if not.....


Oh Fuck.

Today I am still off work sick because I'm sore, my head is pounding and I'm still feeling pretty sick, but I'm hopeful (?in denial?) that I wont need a root canal tomorrow.


I'm not doing it.

Can't make me.


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