Monday, February 04, 2008


I finally made it down to 9 stone 13.6 yesterday morning (63.3kg), and Lo, yea verily did I do the happy dance. This morning I was a pound up, 10 stone 0.8 largely due to fluid and the like, so I'm not concerned, and my measurements put my body fat down to 20%, which is my lowest ever.

That means that this week I've lost another 4lbs (2kg), bringing me down from 11 stone (70kg) as I was at New Year at an average of about 3lbs per week.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to train for a couple of days because of a small injury, but I think a couple of days of rest, plenty of ibuprofen and hot and cold compresses will sort it right out.

Back to training tomorrow, I hope!

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