Sunday, September 16, 2007

Another fight

I'm fighting for the second time in, oh, about... 10 hours in Ayr.

In a cage in Ayr.

That got your attention, eh?

It's not a cage match, it's a regular Thai Boxing fight, but it's at an MMA show where they have to fight in a cage because in a regular ring they run the risk of accidentally rolling out under the ropes whilst they're doing all that terribly manly and not at all homo-erotic wrestling on the floor.

Nevertheless, it'll look Damn Cool. Yeah, that's right - capital D, captial C. Damn Cool.

Obviously, I can't pull a fast one on you: it's 4.44 am and I'm awake an writing rubbish in my blog, and this would be indicative of the fact I'm very very nervous. I run through scenarios in my head: what happens if she does this, what do I do there, which way do I go to seal the ring, again? And it doesn't help that in order to make the weight I've had to de-hydrate to the max and so my head hurts, my lips and mouth are bone-dry and I'm starving hungry having barely eaten yesterday.

But it'll all be fine soon - the weigh-in is at 10.30am and then I have until my fight to eat and drink myself back to normality. I've got pasta with sausage, sundried tomato pesto and mushrooms, 2 bagels with cream-cheese and smoked salmon, various Lucozade drinks to re-hydrate with, sugar-free Red Bull (to make up for the sleep I'm not getting tonight), a Galaxy Caramel and a bag of Thorntons treacle toffee.

"Is that all?" I hear you ask - Why, no! No it's not. Apparently the gym who're hosting this show, Wossobama, also do a mean buffet for the fighters after the weigh-in, which includes a selection of tray-bakes, so don't worry about me, I'll be fine ;)

Anyway, in the spirit of confidence and positive thinking, I intend to win very convincingly tomorrow, since fighting at another gym's show generally means you're less likely to win as the judges, referee and crowd are sometimes a tad biased towards their own fighter. As such the best plan is to "stop them or drop them", meaning put them on their arse repeatedly to knacker them and make them look bad, or KO them before the end of the fight and then there's no doubt about who won. So, that's the plan. Expect an update on Monday - we're looking for Aarayan 2 - World 0 ;p

Wish me luck!

A x

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