Monday, September 17, 2007

Aarayan - 2, other folk - 0

Hooray - I won yesterday's fight in Ayr, so I'm feeling rather chuffed with myself today and not too sore either.

Getting down the the weight was quite a struggle this time and I was very very hungry and very very dehydrated by the time I weighed-in, but I was quite a bit under weight which means I can fight that little bit lighter if I need to. Mind you, everybody was under, so it might just have been the scales. Anyway, the weigh-in was interesting as me and my opponent were the only two females on the show, and whilst she had rather sensibly changed into her shorts before the weigh-in, I just merrily whipped off my jeans and displayed the pants which it had seemed perfectly reasonable to put on a 5am that day - a pair of polka-dotted knickers with lacy trim. Hmmmm. I may not have done my reputation any good there, but at least they might ask me back. Especially as I was standing there in my pants for what felt like about 4 hours while they tried to get the scales to work. Nice.

I got a good look at her during the weigh-in anyway and it was pretty obvious that we were very different builds - I was quite a few inches taller and alot slimmer than her which is definitely an advantage as it means I've got further reach and more leverage in the clinch. That helped to boost my confidence a bit although my stomach still felt as though I'd just eaten about 15 very angry snakes.

I was on 5th which was about a 3rd of the way through the show, so I didn't have too long to wait to go on. I had my medical check, which goes:

Doctor: Alright?
Fighter: Yup
Doctor: Any injuries?
Fighter: Naaaaah.
Doctor: You understand the risks?
Fighter: Yup.
Doctor: Here, sign this. Good luck!
Fighter: Ok, thanks.

After that I got my hands wrapped, changed, gloves on and warmed up. The waiting around before-hand has got to be the worst thing - I felt like I was going to vomit pretty much the whole time, but I was trying to look hard and confident because my girl was warming up outside and she was having a very good look at me.

In general I don't remember a huge amount of detail about the fight. I know that I came out in the first round and landed quite a few head-kicks since I wanted to take advantage of her height deficit, and I know I did most of the moving forward for the duration of the fight, but beyond that I didn't have a particularly clear idea that I was winning.

I felt we were fairly even in the clinch inspite of her height, and although she didn't actually hurt me, I think she might have been a bit fitter because she was very very busy the whole time. I remember hearing Ally screaming at me to get my hands up and thinking "oh, whoops" having not realised they were practically around my waist, and I'm aware she did catch me 1 good right hook as I have a nice bruise on my jaw.

However, I'm very pleased with how I did, I think it was a good fight and I can't wait for the next one, although I'm anticipating a much harder fight next time.

In addition, it was quite nice as our fight was announced as "Fight of the Night", so I got two trophies instead of one, *and* the MC said he fancied me - what more can a girl ask for, eh?

Now for a day of lounging, movies and food


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scotsmedicman said...

Well done you, glad to see you didn't break anything...much!