Saturday, June 23, 2007

Here we go...

Hullo to those of you who I've just informed about my blog so you can see what I'm up to in Thailand! I'm very embarrassed to have written most of the crap I've written, so please don't mock me too mercilessly, or at least wait until I'm out of earshot.

And Mum? I'm sorry, but I do swear- a fair bit. Please forgive me.

So, it's now officially the day after tomorrow that I head off, and I'm well on my way towards being prepared - I have piles and piles of clothes on my study floor which I'm going to pack tomorrow, and carefully tick off the list I made earlier in the week so I don't forget anything vital. I've got my tickets, I've got my money and travellers cheques, I've got a whole bunch of stuff I'll never need but seems important now, I've got travel insurance, at a whopping £62 for 3 weeks cover. I rang up the company and said:

Me: I need comprehensive insurance. I'm going to Thailand to do Thai Kickboxing

Her: That's fine, you're covered for that with this package.

Right, but just so you know, I'm going to be training full time. I intend to be getting into a ring on a daily basis and potentially volunteering to get punched in the head. Am I still covered?

Yup, you're covered.

So you're saying that if I deliberately get smacked in the face, doing a martial art, and need hospital treatment you'll pay? And further more, if I accidentally mortally wound someone else, and *they* require hospital treatment, you'll cover their treatment *and* my legal costs, even though I was doing a martial art, on purpose, for fun?

Yup, pretty much, and if you die we pay out £5,000,000

....and you'll require *proof* of death, I suppose.....?

So, if I don't make it back from Thailand in one piece, don't mourn too much- I'll probably be "dead" on a beach somewhere on a tropical island. Either that or Paul will have bumped me off, he'll be on the beach, and I'll expect you to avenge me.

I'll update the blog and get pictures up for you regularly, here, so you can all reflect regularly on how much you hate me, and how you wish you were in Thailand instead, whilst looking at handy visual aids to really make the jealousy burn ;)

On second thoughts, I'm starting to think I shouldn't have told you about the insurance pay out.... not before I mocked you, anyway. Bugger.

Keep in touch, leave me comments, and I'll see you in three weeks!




Paul said...

Oh, the conflicting emotions! I love you dearly and miss you already but £5,000,000? I don't care what John Lennon says, that kind of money buys a lot of love in Amsterdam :-)

Just kidding hon x

By the way I think you might have forgotten a USB cable for the camera, should be able to borrow one in any 'net cafe though.

katesmum said...

Good morning

I'm Kate's mum. She was telling me about your forthcoming adventure so I hope you don't mind if I follow you around Tailand with her for the next few weeks.

Hope you have a wonderful time!

Your photos are beautiful (you too).