Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Final Countdown

I have an essay due on Tuesday - 3000 words on Curriculum, Teaching and Assessment, theory and practice of Environmental Studies and Expressive Arts. Yep, it's pretty boring. And, as usual, I'm procrastinating like nothing on earth, so it is for this reason that I set the following challenge:

I want to create an Ultimate Cheesy Training Soundtrack, filled with the sorts of tracks which you'd expect to accompany a Rocky training montage. So far I've got:

Eye of the Tiger - Survivor
The Final Countdown - Europe
Hero - Bonny Tyler
Gold - Spandau Ballet
Going the Distance - Rocky Theme Tune

So, come on guys - rise to the challenge.....Your country needs you!

Sarah xx

1 comment:

josh said...

when does the final countdown come in any of the rocky it the 4th? u can tell me on my myspace if u want to thank u for your time