Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Teaching Reading Comprehension

This (see above) is what I am supposed to be giving a presentation on at uni on Thursday morning. Oh Lord. As you can probably tell, by the fact that I'm here rather than working on my presentation, I am not exactly filled with excitement and joy at this prospect. "Clueless" would be one way to describe me on this subject. Another way would be "hopeless". Without hope, even. So, given that I am "without hope", you'd think it'd be a good idea to be working my butt off to try and get on top of this task......

You'd be wrong. The best thing to do is ignore it and hope it goes away, somewhat like a big spider, or a monster. Perhaps if I stick my fingers in my ears and go "lalalalalalalalalalaaaaaaa" with my eyes closed, when I re-open them it will be Friday, the presentation will be over and I will have blown everyone away with my perspicacity. What does that mean...? I dunno. But it sounds good - an ideal example of obfuscation ;p (look it up).

So, in a pretty flawless example of how to procrastinate (and use long words so that updating your blog takes even longer, another good way of procrastinating) here is a link to the funniest thing I've seen all week (if anyone knows how to embed video links and could tell me, that'd be great):


Now back to my presentation....... Lalalalalalalalalalalalalalaaa..........aaaargh!
Go away big, scary, spider-monster!

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